Laser Dentistry

What is LAPIPTM?

Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP Protocol) was developed by the makers of the very successful LANAP laser treatment for periodontal disease. Similar to its predecessor, LAPIP is a non-invasive treatment for peri-implantitis and is often more effective than alternative treatments.



The standard treatments for peri-implantitis include:

(1) cutting open the gums and attempting to graft bone and other tissues, or (2) removing and replacing the implant.

These are both invasive procedures that do not necessarily address the cause of the bacterial infection surrounding the failing implant. We prefers LAPIP because it targets the bacteria that cause peri-implantitis without disrupting the stability of the implant itself. As a result, the predictability of success with LAPIP is far better than either of the other options.

The  lapip-logo  protocol for peri-implantitis

A. Perio probe indicates excessive pocket depth.
B. Laser vaporizes bacteria, diseased tissue, pathologic proteins, and titanium corrosion contaminants in soft tissue.
C. Ultrasonic scaler tips are used to remove surface accretions.
D. Bone is modified at time of surgery.
E. Laser is used to form a stable fibrin blood clot containing stem cells from bone.
F. Adhesion to clean surface, with a stable fibrin clot at the gingival crest to create a ‘closed system’.
G. Occlusal trauma is adjusted.
H. New attachment is regenerated.

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